Editorial — 17 Nov 2017

My idea for the cover page for this newspaper has drastically changed within a few hours. Tuesday, after the escape of Petrus Moyo, the suspect for the murder of Dr Werner Emsie with many other charges against him, I was convinced that we would never see him again.
Wednesday around 04:00 I received the first text message that the man’s good judgment left him and that he did not leave the town and broke into a house again. It’s clear evidence that he didn’t think this through. However, the community rejoices. He is behind bars again. He was scheduled to appear in court again on Wednesday and he now has 11 charges against him.
I know how I feel about this escape and re-arrest. What I know is that the police are supposed to protect a community from crime and criminals. This doesn’t seem to be the case in our town.
What happened to the special National inquiry into Lephalale SAPS Station Commander and the station’s poor performance? One can just shake your head in disbelief. I know there are exceptions and I have a lot of sympathy with them. Unfortunately, the negative outweighs the positive in this case.
November is Diabetes Month and 14 November was World Diabetes Day.
I interviewed two mothers who know what it’s like to have a diabetic in the house. They know how to traverse life with their diabetic children and stay positive throughout it all.
Thank you Stephnie and Coret for sharing this path with me.
Good luck for the week!
— Leoni

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