Editorial — 27 October 2017

This morning I spoke to Sakke (Gawie) Louwrens of the Heritage Protection Group who is working together with the Lephalale police branch team on farm attacks and murders, amongst other things. I actually called him in regard to the suspect in the Emslie case but they were already on their way to the next farm attack in Roossenekal in Limpopo. At the time of going to press three of the six suspects had allegedly been arrested. And as usual HPG were at their posts.
On the same day there was an attack on the farm of Chris Niehaus – five suspects. The community were closing roads while I sat here and wrote.
HPG is dependent on sponsorships and donations from the community in which they work. They do not get salaries. I don’t think that anyone would question the fact that they are extremely competent in their work. It is their passion. With their years of experience their blood hounds are on the spoor of suspects.
The heartsore part of this is that many of the cases which they investigate occur in Lephalale yet, according to Louwrens, they receive the least financial support from the Lephalale community. Today I really want to make an appeal to everyone who has the capacity to support them financially – to do so. They put their lives and the lives of their families in danger to catch and lock up criminals.
Please also read on page 4 about the possible co-operation agreement between the various safety structures in Lephalale. It is general knowledge that there are individuals that work against each other because of personal issues. The focus in all instances should be on safety and preparedness. Please keep to the legal structure and focus on the end goal – to maintain law and order in our town and to promote safety.
Greetings till next week.
— Leoni

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