Editorial — 3 Nov 2017

There were probably few people who believed the story that Scott van Zyl, an experienced PH, would have left his rifle in his vehicle and walked off into the bush.
The whole scenario surrounding Scott’s death in April this year just did not make sense. The people who knew him, his loved ones, all shook their heads – Scottie was bush wise, a clever hunter. Something terrible must have happened.
Meanwhile the news of the discovery of Scott’s shorts places the spotlight again on his inexplicable disappearance and death. Nothing made sense. Read the front-page article for the story behind the confusing story as told to Mogol Post by his bosom friend, partner and “brother”, Mof Venter.
It has scratched open the barely formed scab all over again. The truth is another thing – it always come out in the end. Best wishes to his family and everyone affected by this.
I am not one for marches. A march has never changed anything and there is always someone that does not know how to behave properly. And that is how I felt about Black Monday. But as the day progressed I was amazed to see how much national participation there was in this initiative. I have not changed my opinion on marches and fanfare, but the people of Lephalale impressed me. I never thought that so many people would gather in one place to stand for a purpose so close to everyone’s heart. No crime, no unpleasant incidents. Just a group of people who feel strongly that farm murders and attacks have reached a crisis point and continue to increase. And that something needs to be done about it.
At the time of going to print, four additional farm attacks were confirmed for the past week. Right after a nationwide march against farm murders and attacks, more people get shot on their farms …
But there is also good news. After Afriforum earlier announced in a press release that E-Coli bacteria was found in our drinking water, the water was also tested by an independent expert and sent to the UIS Analytical Services (Pty) Ltd laboratory, a SANAS accredited laboratory in Pretoria. The results showed that there is no excrement in our drinking water!
The results showed that our tap water is indeed not “toilet” water.
— Leoni

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