Editor’s Letter — 11 May 2018

Sometimes something crosses your path that reminds you to be thankful for all of the things that you take for granted.

A woman walked into my office a while ago to tell me that the organisation Reach for a Dream is coming to Lephalale to visit her son.

My impression of Reach for a Dream is when you watch a Springbok rugby game and a young cancer sufferer walks next to the captain on the field.

After her visit, I decided to find out more about exactly what they do. I meet a volunteer in a coffee shop and I cannot believe what I hear. Children, especially children who suffer from a life-threatening disease, is her passion. And she, as representative of Reach for a Dream along with other sponsors, really lightened up Daniël’s day.

She was very surprised that we, as media, are interested in the story, because she says national media houses are not interested in feel good stories any more. Sad but true.

I thought about a few things that we easily forget about. There are children and parents who do not spend their days carefree. There are people who need blood transfusions in order for them to stay alive and healthy. And there are people who, in spite of a cruel world, still make time to do something good to others.

If you haven’t donated blood yet, please consider it. We will post the dates on Mogol Post’s Facebook page again for you to see when and where you can donate blood in Lephalale.

Congratulations to the winner of our Mogol Post Advertiser Competition, Marilet Swanepoel. She won a six-month membership at SrixZone Health & Fitness.

Read more about our brand-new competition in the newspaper. There are wonderful prizes to be won – we’re waiting for your selfie!

Tony Freitas was in court on Monday and he pleaded guilty on 15 offences. Read more about this on the front page.

Until next week.

— Leoni

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