Editor’s letter — 11 November 2016

It’s Tuesday morning. My heart is full for two different reasons this morning. While I am sitting here writing, the Lamprecht family is busy saying their final farewell to oom Poem who died last week during a farm attack.  
The funeral procession drives past our office on the way to the interment on the farm. I wonder how one ever gets peace again after losing a loved one like that?
My heart is also full of gratitude and yet I am also a little heartbroken about time that seems to be running away with us. My student wrote his last exam at University today. After four years of very hard work, sometimes tears, counting the pennies, longing, but mostly joy and pride, he is finished. Next year sees the beginning of a new stage in his life. So yes, there is a lump in my throat today. My son is a man.
A new phase will indeed also be starting for my matriculant next year when he enters De Wilgers as a first year. Following in his brother’s footsteps.
At the moment, my biggest wish is that the matric final exams will come to an end. A mum’s nerves can also only take so much.
I and my colleague Elsa were chatting about it this morning – we were wondering how many unsolved murder cases there are. My father taught us that nobody gets away with murder. I am no longer so sure about that. I know for example that the murderer(s) of Monique Barnard, whose body was found on the Deelkraal gravel road, are still walking free. Probably right here in Ellisras. I know too that oom Poem’s murderer(s) are walking free and with reference to my conversation with Riekie Stopforth the murderer(s) of her husband are also still walking free. And those I just the one’s I know about.
Because I talk to these peoples loved one’s I know that they cannot get closure or come to a place of peace without knowing who was responsible for the deed or what happened. My wish is that whoever is responsible for these deeds will soon be arrested. It will change the lives of three other families.
Until next week when hopefully the bush will be touched by a tinge of green.

— Leoni

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