Editor’s Letter – 12 Jan 2018

And so 2018 had already started full steam. My wish for every single reader of the Mogol Post is the things you can’t buy. Happiness, peace, love, acceptance, friendship, sunsets, clean nature, rain, opportunities, family, health. May every moment of the year 2018 be filled with prosperity, peace and joy!
I only read one book during the holiday. Elders from Erns Grundling. It’s not the best book that I’ve ever read but the lesson learned from it is that old stress and habits are not so easily “walked off”.
The author notes at one point that the editor of Go! says that he (Erns) looks like a dog that was fed poison when he gets too hasty with deadlines blowing at his neck when he needs to finish writing an article. May we be spared from this description being relevant to us this year …
It was a pleasure to begin the year with good news – congratulations to every 2017 matric learner that made his/her parents proud. Congratulations to everyone that passed with distinctions and congratulations to all those that passed. May every one of you look forward to a bright future.
I read this quote a while ago and I would like to share it with our readers: “Let us leave behind what we don’t need to carry – pain, sadness, bitterness, fear and regrets. Fly light – life is beautiful! If 2017 didn’t end up the way you planned, remember, 2018 is created especially for you to start new. Enjoy every new moment.”
— Until next week!
— Leoni

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