Editor’s Letter — 13 Jan 2017

With our trip down to the beautiful Cape around the middle of December it was amazing to see how bleak the Karoo looked. Whirlwinds and dust. The drought was noticeable. The heat almost unbearable.
After our wonderful holiday at the sea we overnighted in Cape Town before we headed back to the bushveld. We took photographs from Blouberg beach of the pride of the Cape, Table Mountain. She stands there without her table cloth, a beauty against the clear blue sky.
Not a breath of wind, not a cloud in the sky.
On our travels back we stayed at the most beautiful guest house in Victoria West. The rest of the town looked bleak. Run down. The drought having taken its toll.
But it rained. It rained and the people of the Karoo rejoiced. We had dinner at the Merino (the only restaurant in Vic West).
The most delicious lamb chops ever!! And it rained…..
During the last part of our journey back to the farm we realised that the closer we got to home, the less it had rained. It was dry.
And then we too were blessed with generous rains. Soft, soaking rains. What a wonderful way to start the year.
This year holds big changes for me – the student is now a working man and he is beaming! The matriculant becomes a student and he is flourishing! For the first time in many years I and my other half will not have a child in the house.
May each of you entering into a new era in your life (be it a new job, a new school, tertiary training or whatever) do so with enthusiasm and be happy.
To last year’s matrics – well done to each of you – we wish you a bright future.
To all the grade one learners (and their parents) who started a new era on Wednesday – may it be a blessed year.
Good luck to all of you that are already back in the saddle – it is unbelievable how long a day at work feels compared to a day on the beach with just the sea before you.
— Leoni

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