Editor’s Letter — 17 Feb 2017

Dear reader, when you stand with this edition of the Mogol Post in your hand, it means this paper had come of age and is 21 years old.
We are humbly grateful that we can still make a difference in many homes on a weekly basis. In these times and era, it is no joke for any printed publication to compete against digital publications. Therefor we are all the more grateful to all our readers, advertisers, friends and the whole community that on 16 February we at Mogol Post can celebrate our coming of age.
In my personal capacity, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity of being part of the best paper in the Bosveld.
While our hearts are filled with gratitude, the number of murders that have been committed in the last two weeks is disconcerting. All provinces are being affected. The motives mostly ridiculous in comparison to the cruelty of the deeds.
On Tuesday morning, a message was shared via a security forum that six people were murdered in three of four attacks in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West and KZN.
I remember January 2015 when Susan Kotze was murdered, we also felt as if life was busy giving us a raw deal. There was an increase in murders (mainly farm murders) and each week’s front page announced another murder. The murder of Piet Pieterse shocked and affected the family of Susan all over again. They contact me regularly to find out if arrests have been made. Sumadi is family ground and they knew Piet Vink well. Old wounds were re-opened………..
We reported last week that three suspects were arrested in connection with his murder. Today we can tell you who they are and imagine my astonishment when I saw that we reported about one of them last year in September, Phineas Molangoane. He was accused of two cases of rape but escaped from the holding cells. He was arrested in Tembisa on 14th August.
On inquiry at the police as to why this man was allowed free we were told that he received a suspended sentence for the previous offenses. This time he went a little further. Now it is murder.
It feels to me that somewhere there is a big problem with our justice system. Criminals are circulated back into society only to possibly commit a graver offence the next time around.
I don’t want to end on a negative note. I would rather raise a glass to 21 years of success. May Mogol Post remain part of every bushveld household for many years to come as we strive for objective truth.
— Leoni

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