Editor’s letter — 17 June 2016

How wonderful it was to be surprised by a shower of rain in June. I am a winter baby and look forward expectantly to a cold winter each year. And on Monday I got my cold snap. It’s not just the weather that is in turmoil.
The whole world is in turmoil. I read the other day that there are actually people in the world that want to be dogs. They see it as a form of relaxation to pull on a dog suit, complete with tail and snout, at the end of a hard day’s work and to walk around on all fours, preferably on a leash.
They eat out of dogs bowls. I am not sure if they bark ….. Apparently it makes them relax and forget about their daily stresses and strains. It got me to thinking about what is really going on with people. There is probably also a name for this type of behavior but really I did not know whether to laugh or cry. (I reckoned though it couldn’t be too bad to be a dog in the Kruger household!)
Then naturally you get people who after work want to be babies and drink out of baby bottles and wear nappies. Yes, adults with professional occupations that want to be dogs or babies. There is clearly a need for people to be able to escape from stress.
Apparently everyone has their own manner of expression. The recent incident in Orlando, America, where a man opened fire in a gay club randomly shooting and killing people is another cause for concern. According to reports around 49 people were killed and it is being regarded as the largest single mass shooting incident in the USA. What could have happened in that person’s life to drive him to such a terrible deed? At the time of going to press it was still unclear as to whether he is part of ISIS but irrespective it remains abhorrent.
Within our midst, last Friday Piet Sekakana did such a good deed that it gives hope to humanity again. A small yet powerful gesture. There are still honest people in the world. We are proud of you Piet.
I hope that everyone gets a chance to rest and relax on Thursday without having to dress up like a dog. Enjoy the holiday and use the opportunity to read the Mogol Post from cover to cover.
Till next week.
— Leoni

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