Editor’s Letter — 20 April 2018

The accident last Thursday, in which the well-known and beloved Wilna du Plessis and Karen van Schalkwyk were involved, once again shook the community.

Two dear friends whose lives changed forever.

Karen was seriously injured and at the time of going to print she was still being kept under sedation. The doctors are positive about her progress and the community is very grateful. Wilna sustined multiple injuries but was out of danger, however she was very worried about her friend. She hasn’t spoken to Karen since the accident due to the sedation.

When something like this happens, you realize again that you have to live and love every day only for that day.

The visit by Minister Gwede Mantashe to Lephalale last Thursday also gave the “ordinary people” the opportunity to personally share their concerns and thoughts with him.

The concept of ministers interacting with communities can only have positive consequences.

And remember, Sunday 22 April is World Earth Day and the emphasis is on plastic pollution this year. Unfortunately, pollution in our town draws attention for all the wrong reasons!

Enjoy a carefree week!

— Leoni

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