Editor’s Letter — 23 March 2018

My colleague Elsa and I recently discussed the economy and the impact thereof on the community.

At the recent CPF meeting it is said that livestock theft increases drastically in our environment. In the same week, two cattle thieves were each sentenced to six years imprisonment. After a total of 29 court appearances.

In contrast to this, a man who is found guilty of theft and the attempted sale of a pangolin a few weeks ago was given the option of five years imprisonment or a R10 000 fine. A pangolin is an endangered species – does the difference in the sentences make sense?

This week we report about two recent rhino poaching incidents where the horns were brutally removed and one again realizes that it is not something that will not stop any time soon.

Very few role players in town attended this same CPF meeting. The police shone in their absence. And the meeting is in fact a Community Policing Forum meeting – meaning the police’s attendance is critical.

The number of vehicles in a working condition at Lephalale’s police station is apparently only three. The amount they require to be fully operational are 33.

The demobilization of thousands of contractors earlier this week is going to change many people’s lives – fortunately humans are very adaptable.

Enjoy reading a packed newspaper this week.

— Leoni

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