Editor’s letter — 24 Feb 2017

In the world of the journalist things sometimes get very exciting, sometimes terribly upsetting and sometimes you just lose trust in your fellow man.
And then again sometimes you get hope again for humanity. Sometimes one feels like barricading the windows and doors so as to not listen to anything further and sometimes one is frustrated because you do not have the correct information. Sometimes you think you have now heard everything and sometimes you realise you know nothing.
That and so much more is part of our industry, but if there is one thing that a person cannot do, is to keep everybody happy. Two weeks ago, someone called my colleague Ria and complained that the Mogol Post is just full of English articles these days. Last week a reader called me to say that the whole Mogol Post is Afrikaans. 90% Afrikaans he says.
Dear reader, I assure you that each week remains a challenge for us to try and balance our reading material as much as possible – and if it is not in the language of your choice we hope to appease you the following week. And as we receive criticism from both sides we keep the majority in the middle happy.
The wonderful rain with which the bushveld and other parts of the country have been blessed is naturally on everyone’s lips. We have received so many photographs from people who are struggling to drive on our gravel roads, but their hearts rejoice.
Our sympathy goes out to the family of two people who were killed in a vehicle accident on Wednesday morning.
– Greetings from a wet Lephalale
— Leoni

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