Editor’s letter — 27 Jan 2017

The town is littered with shopping trolleys but not near the shopping centres. And we are all so used to it we no longer take notice. We just carry on with our blinkers on.
After it being mentioned at a previous CPF meeting, I started taking notice of it and I could not believe my eyes. There is almost not an empty stand or street without an abandoned trolley in it. I have even seen someone in a garden, curled up and fast asleep inside a trolley.
I wondered why stricter precautionary measures are not in place at the shopping centres – can one not prevent people from going past the entry / exit point with a trolley? After a chat with Janette Kruger I realised that centre- and shop managers do their best to try and avoid trolleys being removed from their premises. Please take note of how many trolleys are standing around in places in town where they do not belong.
The man who sat on the corner opposite our offices together with his collection of rubbish, has bothered me for a long time. On Thursday morning I made closer acquaintance with the situation and realised what a horror story it was. I have never seen so much dirt and rubbish. And that it was allowed for so long?
Thank you to those parties who eventually took the necessary steps to remove him and his things. It was a serious health risk.
May 2017 be an action-packed year for Lephalale.
— Leoni

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