Editor’s Letter — 30 March 2018

The wonderful rain that has fallen recently makes one feel more positive about life and its challenges. Thank you to all who shared their rainfall figures and photos with Mogol Post on Facebook.

It is a pity that rain cannot wash away all the bad things in life. The recent farm attack and murder on the farm Dale of Nico Solomon once again made a huge impression on the community. And before the one incident could sink in there was another farm attack in Roedtan the following day. Both incidents in Limpopo.

The senseless killing of innocent people makes you realise just how short life is and how vulnerable a human being is. According to various news bulletins, there were 70 farm attacks during the past seven weeks. It is terrifying.

While I am on the subject of farm attacks – can I please request all readers and Facebook users to be judicious with the comments on social media? It was almost a fulltime job to watch and regulate all the comments on the farm attack posting. The purpose of posting news on Facebook is after all not to instigate hate or anger, it is to inform our readers about the true state of affairs.

We are happy to say that Police have arrested suspects who were positively linked to the Tom Burke farm attack. Well done to all involved in the arrest and investigation.

The long term sentences of 58 years imprisonment each for two rhino poachers has been widely welcomed.

Congratulations to all the graduates who were former learners at Hoërskool Ellisras. Education can never be taken away from you and it is a major key to a prosperous future.

To everyone who is going to be on the road this coming Easter weekend – drive safely.

Until next week.

— Leoni

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