Editor’s letter — 5 August 2016

It is actually a miracle that more people don’t die on the R518 (Marken road). Really. Last Friday I resorted to driving at 60 km per hour just to make sure I was nowhere near another vehicle on the road.
People speed along at an average of 140 km/h, no safety belts, vehicles get overtaken on white lines and almost all the vehicles have more than four passengers. It is just unacceptable. Where are the traffic police? What on earth does it help that they stand each and every day where the vehicles turn off to get on the R518? Be present where it is needed!
Early Sunday morning a man called on the emergency channel – there was a collision again (I am not sure if that is the right word for it as vehicles do not collide necessarily, the driver loses control of the vehicle) and people are lying in the road. Guess which road? The R518. Third incident in which people have died on the self-same road in three weeks. Should that not be an indication to the authorities that there is a problem? But I can only write so many times about how recklessly and irresponsibly the motorists drive. Unfortunately innocent people also get affected by this.
I try to ignore the sewerage saga but I get so many enquiries from the public who are sitting with their head in the hands as the problem is just not being resolved. I really do not know what to say about it any further. Meanwhile the sewerage still runs into the Mogol River and every second manhole in town overflows.
On a more positive note – congratulations to the two teams from Ellisras High School that won the first round of the play-offs for the sought after Beeld trophy. May both teams bring the trophy home.
May Wednesday’s national election be peaceful and fair.
Tuesday 9 August is Women’s Day. My wish for every woman in Lephalale is a day of pampering. If it had not been for women…
— Leoni

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