Editor’s letter — 7 October 2016

October. Spring. C. Louis Leipoldt’s nicest month. Breast cancer month. For the Germans it means October Festival. It’s the month in which the first rains should fall in the Bushveld. Pink blooms for spring and pink ribbons for breast cancer.
The matric exam finals begin in October. And if all goes according to plan it’s the last October that I and my other half will have a child in the house. The rain is scarce.
On Friday night it was Ellisras High Schools’ matric farewell. Suddenly it’s a reality that it is time for our chicks to fly the nest. A thought that I will just move to one side for now.
I must simply say thank you to everyone that was involved with the organisation of the farewell. The décor literally carried you away and the children all looked so beautiful. The promise of rain was in the air. And a long overdue visit with close friends rounded the evening off perfectly. And yet the whole evening I sat with a lump in my throat. But I know Ecclesiastes is correct.
There is indeed a time for everything. Also a time to let go.
Thank you to Yvette Malan who took the initiative to celebrate life in the nicest month. It is really something we can all do more of. Celebrate life. Think about things that you have and not about those things you don’t have. Look around you and say thank you.
We will talk again next week – hopefully by then the first drops of spring rain would have fallen. And a special word of good luck to all those women battling or who have battled with breast cancer. May October month hold all that is good for you.
— Leoni

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