Letter from the Editor — 1 Dec 2017

At this stage of the game I don’t have much left to say. I am done with reporting about bad news.
If there is one more thing I would like to say it is this:” Don’t shoot the messenger.” I just report on things that have happened, I don’t dream them up myself.
Fed up with bad news, especially at this time of year when one becomes aware of the peace and joy of Christmas, it was so nice for me to chat to Tom Strydom about his experience on the YAS MARINA race track in Abu Dhabi. And in an Aston Martin at that!
Thank you Tom, it was delightful just to hear how excited you are.
Our front page story is another feel good story. People that open their hearts and their hands to give where there is need. Thank you to all the sponsors that helped to better the living conditions of so many children.
Thank you too to all the advertisers for their contributions to the second of our three Christmas papers.
Please also go and have a look and like our brand new Mogol Post Advertiser Facebook page.
Good luck to all our matriculants with the long wait for your results and keep moderation in mind with the matric holidays (especially in Plett!).
Go well, till next week.
— Leoni

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