Letter from the Editor — 1 July 2016

I have been debating for a while now as to whether address the car wash situation in Dopperkiaat Street again or not.
One is not always keen to re-hash a story over and over again. I tried to even ignore it for a while. But after I spoke to some of the business owners in the street I realised that it is a very unhealthy situation. Water is tapped out of firefighting taps and used to wash cars. The water runs for blocks down the street. And this while neighbouring towns recently did not have water for weeks. It amazes me that these “entrepreneurs” have been getting away with this for years now. And it is precisely because they have gotten away with it for so long that the situation is now almost impossible to reverse. Like a child who has been allowed to eat sweets every day for a long time and now you want to try and stop it. The child will not understand it?
And the ball gets passed between the municipality and the police. The responsibility gets shifted. The flip side of the coin is that if these people get prohibited from working there – where do they go to? And what will they resort to in order to make money and survive?
It seems to me as if mob justice is on the increase. People are sick of crime and if no one does anything about it they take the law into their own hands.
At the last CPF meeting it was said that we must know that crime is going to increase. Unemployment is on the increase. A bleak picture. I must say it was a good thing to see the station commander at the CPF meeting as well as representatives from the traffic department, Marapong and SAPS sector leaders. That is how a CPF meeting should be. May it stay that way – that everyone works together to help each other fight against this dark cloud called crime.
Enjoy the Busveld Festival!
— Leoni

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