Letter from the Editor — 1 September 2017

There are fewer things worse than being disillusioned. Especially if you think that you have been doing something correctly your entire life only to hear that you have actually been doing it incorrectly all along. That is exactly what I realised after having attended a Viva language workshop last Friday that was offered by Sophia Kapp. Language rules are not for sensitive people …
A thousand years ago my teachers believed that I had a natural “feel” for languages – or rather Afrikaans – and I am mad about proof reading and correcting spelling mistakes. Now I wonder how many people’s grammatical errors I have “incorrectly corrected”.
Thank you to my colleague Elsa for her initiative in organising the workshop and thus broadening horizons! I already battle to just enjoy something I read as I constantly look for faults. Now I am no longer going to be able to read or write!
During the workshop, I thought how wonderful it would be if all language teachers (or perhaps ALL teachers) got the opportunity to attend something like this. It is after all them that educate the youth to be able to read, write and spell properly. I heard it rumoured however that there is a similar workshop for schools in the pipeline. We will keep you posted if there is any development in this regard.
I took a deliberate decision this week to not write about anything negative. It does not help anyone feel better. I cannot promise that I will stick to my intention every week as news is mostly negative.
To all the teachers from all the schools that diligently send me school news each week – please do not take it personally if your news is not published this week – our space was really limited. If it’s news with a shelf life – we will try again next week.
And indeed, spring is in the air.
Enjoy your reading!

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