Letter from the Editor — 11 Aug 2017

The first weekend in August was a busy one, Saturday especially was a day full of activities – the Exxaro Marathon and @Sold Property’s annual golf day on the same day! I don’t think that it will happen again.
Well done to all the organisers, participants and winners in the marathon and the golf day and all the other special occasions that are organised with Women’s Day in mind.
Enjoy the article about the women who manage the Lephalale Mall. They really are a team!
A couple of us here at Mogol Post really got the wind up us last Friday when colleague Ria Wells did not answer her mobile phone. I got a call from Elsa, Ria’s sister at around 17:30, we are all colleague’s, that Ria was not answering her phone and she should have been home ages ago. She dropped Elsa off at home at 15:20 and Elsa assumed she was going straight home.
Ria’s other half was in the meantime up and down the streets searching for her. I called her number. Nothing. I know her and thought that she probably had an appointment with a client and forgot to say anything about it. But why was she not answering her phone?
That is when I decided to ask for help on the CPF’s WhatsApp group. I stated our dilemma, the vehicle colour and registration number, the lot! In today’s day, one cannot take a chance. My other half called in on the emergency channel and I was on the emergency group. And we searched. And yet I knew deep down inside that I should not have so little faith. The distance between her and Elsa’s house is a mere stone’s throw. What could have happened to her in that small space?
And then I saw her name and number on the screen on my cell phone. “WHERE WERE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU NOT ANSWERING YOUR PHONE?”
She is at home, she says. Had a hair appointment and then went shopping for food for the weekend. The reason she didn’t answer her phone? The phone was muted for some or other reason.
Well that is how life is sometimes. Too busy. And we simply do not hear everything that gets said to us. But it doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other.
May every woman, wife, grandmother and daughter enjoy August, Women’s Month, and celebrate being a woman.
— Leoni

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