Letter from the editor – 12 Feb 2016

People are the most interesting creatures there are. I am dumbfounded daily by the things that people entertain themselves with, the things they complain about, rejoice in and what people do to other people.
 And I am not even referring to social media here…..
I heard via the grapevine the other day that people are complaining bitterly about speed bumps that the municipality have erected to slow down motorists in highly populated areas. It is evidently so bad that they have to stop before each bump to put up a ramp so that they can drive over it.
So on the one hand there are daily complaints about motorists that speed, ignore stop signs etc etc; yet the following day the very same people (probably) are complaining that the speed bumps are too high.
According to those in the know, the bumps are the correct height so that they can be crossed easily if approached at the correct, reduced speed. They are there after all to slow you down?
I also heard about a neighbouring school that “bought” one of our top athletes this last weekend after the area’s athletics meeting. Is that ethically justified? I was just wondering.
I spoke to various people about the tendency of people “selling” jobs to others. It is nothing new, it is just very unfair that people who are already unemployed are willing to pay for the POSSIBILITY of a job. And as Ed Jardim from Murray & Roberts rightly says – as one scam goes out the back door another one comes in from the front.
I also had an interesting visit from two Afriforum members this week. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled into the sewage pump station on OR Tambo to see municipal workers working there. On enquiring I learned that they were busy installing a brand new pump (why only now??) and a brand new bright red generator was on standby in case of any power failures. I know there are big problems with this towns sewerage works and that the municipality probably sits with their head in their hands, so this latest development was really good news for me.
The men from Afriforum also took water samples and asked many questions. I was starting to feel a little ashamed and wanted to apologise for the smell and the rubbish lying everywhere when the one chap said that I should not complain as Lephalale looks really good compared to other towns.
And really one just needs to look around you to see that there are many projects taking shape. Read the articles about the development, improvement and upliftment taking place in Lephalale.
On my way to work this morning I listened to an interview with someone who has lived his life in Kathu and works on the Sishen iron ore mine. They are retrenching more than 2 000 workers and 1 300 contractors. The people are in tears – iron ore prices have dropped, the mine’s future is hanging in the balance. There is the possibility that Kathu will become a ghost town in the future. Another one!
I needed to hear that. At least we have development and are moving forward. We can’t complain.
— Leoni

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