Letter from the Editor — 14 April 2017

This last weekend was a disaster. After hearing the news on Saturday morning that Scott van Zyl went missing in Zimbabwe, nothing was the same.
I am used to reporting about horrible things, accidents, murders, rapes. But Scott and Sure are close to our hearts. They are our neighbours and part of the community. Scott never drives past our farm without hooting, so no matter where we are in the house or outside, we know it’s Scottie driving past. Always in a hurry. Always busy. A man who understands the bush. The one question everyone who knows Scott asks, is how is it possible that someone like Scott can just disappear? He is strong and a skilled hunter with years of experience. At the time of going to press various search and rescue teams were still looking for him.
Looking for a sign. A track. Any indication as to his whereabouts. In the meantime, the whole community waits for Scott to come home safely to his family.
After the news of Scott’s disappearance reached the national media, the social media pages were buzzing. I was astounded at how some people’s heads work. The negative comments with regards to media reports are surely not necessary? I wished I could have answered them but did not want to sink to their level. I just have one question – have they really got nothing better to do with their time than to make derogatory remarks about people whom they know nothing about and whose situation or circumstances are totally unfamiliar? Perhaps it is time for a whole bunch of people to go on course of electronic purging. Time to detox! It might do something for your soul too.
The story of the lion that attacked a child broke shortly after the news of Scott on Saturday morning. The same story. Social media was abuzz with it. A photograph of a boy in a hospital bed that implied it was Kristian was even doing the rounds on WhatsApp.
The facts are actually that the photograph was taken in 2015 of a child that was bitten by a lion in Tzaneen! I would love to know who the person is that decided to spread the photograph implying that it was Kristian. Even on various prayer groups and on top of that with incorrect information. Why are people so desperate for sensation? So outspoken about other people? I will never deny the wonders of technology but people who have no filters make one yearn for the times when we received letters via the post.
To all of you who will be on the roads over this upcoming Easter weekend, drive safely, don’t drink and drive and keep to the speed limit. To those of you going nowhere – enjoy the break.
— Leoni

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