Letter from the editor – 15 April 2016

It was a madly busy weekend and I caught myself thinking there were just too many things going wrong. One thinks you deserve a break every now and then. Monday came and I was sitting in the office worrying about things while typing up a storm when a well-cared for, dark haired lady walked in.
I could see in her eyes that her life was not easy. There was great pain lying behind her brave front. I understood immediately why – her daughter had disappeared. Whether she ran away or if there is another reason as to why she does not answer her phone and no one knows where she is, is beside the point. Her child has disappeared.
The story behind Monique’s disappearance is no fairy tale. A divorce, a manipulating father, a step-father. Drugs and rehabilitation. Relationships that went wrong. It’s unnecessary to go into further detail but through it all her mum held her close to her heart. Until Thursday when she could not get hold of her child.
It is very easy to criticize. It is always easy to criticize others. Until you find yourself on the flip side of the coin. All I could think of while I had this broken woman in front of me was that this could be anyone’s story.
We all have baggage and very few parents will intentionally take decisions that will harm their children. My wish is really that Monique will be found and reconciled with her mum.
— Leoni

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