Letter from the Editor — 17 March 2017

Every year it is the highlight on every sportsman’s and sportswoman’s calendar – the Mogol Club’s Sport star awards.
This year was no exception and one can only stand in awe of the exceptionally talented sports stars that hail from our Bushveld town. Many of them are of international quality. Please read about this special occasion on the back page.
In the midst of so many gruesome vehicle accidents week after week it made my day this morning when I heard of a big accident in which no alcohol was involved and where all four occupants climbed out of the vehicle without a scratch. Despite the fact that the vehicle was written off. And Steve tells of many people who just looked the other way as they drove past – our little nation is so scared to get involved.
We are so grateful that Steve, Lynette, Marius and Sunette got off scot free after climbing out of their vehicle which had collided with a buffalo bull. A good news story is scarce and that is why we are happy to share it with you on our front page.
On Tuesday the local community from Steenbokpan rebelled against the fact that according to them and despite many promises insufficient local labour is still being utilised.
There are plenty of promises.
I wondered about the contractors busy tarring the Marken road – how many of them are local labour?
Congratulations to all the 2012 matrics that graduated recently. Perhaps we should make a habit of reporting annually on people who study further and excel. They are after all the leaders of the future and it is great to know that they drank the water from the Mogol before they spread their wings.
I must add it is comforting to know that they graduated from legal institutions – seen in the light of recent reports on illegal educational institutions that dish out degrees on line. (An example of this is an article in Sunday 12 March Rapport “Kollege breek glo 9de gebod, written by Johan Eybers).
Send me an email if we have overlooked your child. We would also like to hear from other young adults who have climbed the ladder of success as clever entrepreneurs.
Blessed week for you all.
— Leoni

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