Letter from the Editor — 19 May 2017

Have said that unique things happen in this town of ours. And so, on one fine Tuesday morning a hippo took a stroll down the street while children were on their way to school and others were driving to work. Incredible! And no one got hurt.
This morning while I was driving to work on the gravel road – which is no longer a road really – I was thinking about the residents of Marapong who are rebelling because on Sunday night a pedestrian was killed by a car – for the umpteenth time. They are asking for speed humps in the road to prevent people from driving so fast. To make the message clear that they are unhappy with the number of people who have already been killed on that road, they blocked the road, burnt wood and threw stones. To create total chaos, throw stones, block roads and burn wood in order to get a reaction is surely not the correct manner? Now the road looks even worse. But there is a part of me that understands. One gets so sick and tired of bad service delivery and promises that never materialise, it makes you want to lose it! It is just a pity that such extreme demonstrations always create more damage than good. Perhaps those of us who tackle gravel roads everyday should also start kicking up a fuss about the unacceptable state of those roads. Because it can’t get much worse.
Our front page story is about two people who have “disappeared” in our area. I am also on a WhatsApp group of Limpopo SAPS and it is noticeable how many people are reported as missing – and some are later found dead. Cruelly murdered. There are reports that there are currently 150 people missing in Limpopo and that it can be the work of a syndicate. At the time of going to press this was not confirmed.
But there is also good news to tell – all the school activities, sports news, good deeds around Mother’s Day and naturally @Sold’s big 10 cheered us all up in the editorial office.
A wonderful almost winter weekend for you all!

— Leoni

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