Letter from the Editor — 21 July 2017

The week after the Bushveld Festival is always a bit of a nightmare. Not only is our team almost constantly at the festival to gather news and take photographs but we also need to work on the following week’s edition in between all of that. Follow up on other news. Keep abreast of the reality beyond the show grounds.
And reality hit me right between the eyes when I walked into the office on Monday morning to learn that two young men had died in a motor vehicle accident over the weekend. Both in their thirties and both with young children. It is just too tragic. In the prime of their lives. Mogol Post extends condolences to everyone who loved them.
To go back to the festival. There were so many prophets of doom that said the festival is no longer feasible, they were not going to attend it, the entrance fee was too high, the poor quality of the stalls, the artists are not good enough. Bla bla bla. But when I opened my eyes – there were people everywhere! People by the dozen. Even those who swore they wouldn’t go. As well as those that said they refuse to pay an entrance fee of R80.
If you know the entrance fee is too much for you and that the quality of the stalls worsens each year – why don’t you just stay at home?
A lot was said to the detriment of the festival and how it has changed. The quality of some of the stalls was certainly not up to standard and yes, you cannot please everyone when it comes to entertainment. Animal lovers are furious about the fireworks while others think they are the highlight of the festival.
But the fact remains – not one of us would like to be in the shoes of the committee members. I don’t know if it was a big success, I also don’t know if the numbers of feet were greater or fewer than in the past.
Anyway, my opinion is not important. I do believe however that we owe the committee a “big thank you”, for it is a thankless task.
Thanks to those of you who set aside 67 minutes for Mandela by giving on Thursday. Because giving warms the heart.
Enjoy reading this weeks’ Mogol Post packed with feedback on the festival and other community news. It’s great to read about your own people.

— Leoni

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