Letter from the Editor — 23 September 2016

When we looked forward to an event my mum always said that when you don’t look forward to something, that it usually is surprisingly good!
So on Saturday I really was not looking forward to driving to town to attend the event with Elsje Neethling at the Hervormde Church in Onverwacht. Our student, who we last saw two months ago, was on his way to us on Saturday from Potch and so the weekend was just going to be that much shorter. But duty before pleasure.
I was glad I went. So much was said that inspired me to reflect again on what is really important in my life.
There is not enough space here to repeat everything that touched me, but one thing that stuck with me is “how you treat people is what really matters and before you do anything, look at the bigger picture”. If one could just always remember that.
I learned something this morning but was prepared to fight about it until I consulted a specialist. The traffic police stopped me on my way to work – me and my youngest and the love of his life. We were driving in the “King Cab” – the one with half a seat behind. Lovey was sitting behind.
The woman walked around the bakkie, asked for my license and said my vehicle is overloaded. Really? She then said that a King Cab may not transport passengers. Even if there are seatbelts for the back seats. She then showed me on the license disc where it states that the vehicle may only transport two people. Just shows you – one is never too old to learn.
I just wonder which is safer – the back of an open bakkie, or a bakkie with a canopy or inside a vehicle with a seat belt?
I would really like to thank Phillip Dukashe for speaking to the local media and patiently answering all our questions. He didn’t need to do it and thus I appreciate it so much more. A man to be respected.
A BIG thank you to all the sponsors who made it possible to place three full pages about the Laerskool Ellisras art festival. It is a wonderful example of a successful community project.
— Leoni

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