Letter from the Editor — 24 Nov 2017

The selling date of this newspaper is 24 November. Over just a month and one day it’s Christmas. If I think of everything that happened this year, Christmas feels like a lifetime ago. On the other hand, it feels like the year was over in a flash. My eldest son regularly brings me back to earth with a saying of: “The older you get, the faster time passes.”
Then that’s probably the case.
It was a year with lots of turbulences in our country and elsewhere, but if you look back to the past, there is actually nothing new under the sun.
A big highlight for Mogol Post is our new Mogol Post Advertiser Facebook page. Read more on page 4.
Speaking of Facebook, we can no longer do without it, however we do not always want it. The past week has once again proved to me that people simply do not have a clue there are things you better keep to yourself. By commenting on a matter, you sometimes only confirm your total misperception of a matter and you make your ignorance completely clear.
Mogol Post is a respected media platform that works on facts and not assumptions. The truth and not lies. Unfortunately, it’s not always what everyone wants to hear, but we cannot distort the truth to keep people happy.
If you’re unsure as to what I’m referring to here, read the article on the Mogol Post Facebook page. If you don’t have an informed opinion, rather keep it to yourself.
Enjoy our first of three Christmas editions and enjoy yourself in the Camino and muddy games and many more.
Don’t miss Mogol Post’s December 1 issue next week.
— Leoni

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