Letter from the Editor — 25 November 2016

Before I say anything, I would firstly like to thank all the businesses and individuals that despite difficult economic circumstances still remain loyal to and advertise in the Mogol Post and now specifically in our Christmas papers.
This year we have three Christmas editions on 25 November, 2 December and 9 December. And naturally our last edition for this year on 16 December that will hopefully hit the shelves by 14 December. Enjoy the upcoming reading!
The donkeys that were purchased from their owners after an outreach into Shongonae two Saturdays ago, and relocated to a loving home, confirms that there are still many good people and good things that happen. These donkeys were so damaged and dejected from repeated abuse that one could not think they would become “donkeys” again. Shows you what love can do…
Food parcels have also been handed out and poverty addressed. Signs of caring…
The upcoming festive season is considered a season of peace, togetherness, love and family. Standing here, at the end of this year, it feels like it will never arrive. Each year one feels that you cannot keep up the pace for another single day and yet you survive it. I heard just this morning from various news reports that 27.1% of South Africans are unemployed – the highest figure in 13 years. So those of us that toil and sweat away each day to do what needs to be done are actually privileged.
Someone mentioned to me the other day that it has been a strange year for her. She is counting the hours until she can just stop. The truth is that each year has its portion of strangeness and hardships, but luckily also goodness and joy. One just needs to focus on remembering the good and the joy rather than those things that were bad or strange.
And just when I was starting to think that I had heard and read of many strange things in my career, I read about a pastor in Limpopo that sprays members of his congregation with Doom to heal them of various diseases. I must say Limpopo can teach the other provinces a thing or two when it comes to controversy!
Enjoy the reading
— Leoni

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