Letter from the Editor — 28 April 2017

It’s nice to have a holiday here and there but it has disastrous effects in the offices of a newspaper. Deadlines don’t wait for holidays.
Freedom Day (27th April) is next on the cards and on that day South Africans commemorate their first multi-racial, fully democratic general election. This election was held in 1994 between 27 and 29 April. I can remember it well as I had to go and vote at one or other venue in the Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria East. A special vote as I was pregnant with my oldest and not sure when he would make his appearance. And there he made his appearance on the 29th April and I lay for three days all alone with him in the hospital. Only those that REALLY did not have a choice were in hospital. The bare minimum of personnel was on duty, the doctors planned their things well in advance and I and my (yellow) baby had nothing to do with the big event going down in our country.
It was such an exciting time, I remember the rows and rows of people – especially in the rural areas – standing together to vote.
For the first time, all citizens of this country allowed to vote in their own land.
This last weekend there was again a first in our country. More than a million people prayed together for this same South Africa. The “It’s Time” event is being described as the biggest event ever, where so many people gathered to pray together – no matter race, sex or religion.
If you agree with the idea of praying together with a mass of people, or if you prefer to pray alone in your room or perhaps you don’t believe in prayer at all – just like in 1994 – I think there are few people that were not touched by the It’s Time event. In one way or another.
One feels sad about the lawlessness in our town after each CPF meeting. The alcohol and drug abuse. The unemployment. The defiance of traffic laws. The murder and rape.
But above everything we are still so lucky to live in a land like South Africa and in a beautiful bushveld town. With the expansions and crime and everything – we are still privileged to live and work here. I am going to try and focus on that and if each resident just does their little bit to reduce the lawlessness currently taking place – it will make a huge difference.
— Leoni

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