Letter from the Editor — 28 July 2017

We have all had enough of murder and killing and robbery and theft. Not a week goes by without someone being beaten or stabbed to death.
That is why it was wonderful for me this week to be able to chat to a 78 year old lady who has cancer, who lives her life to the full every day and does not think about her age or her illness.
Our connection to aunty Tienie started unexpectedly after my colleague Ria Wells videoed a marketer at the Bushveld festival who amazed her. The video was so funny and appropriate that we really wanted to share it with our community – and what better and faster manner than via Facebook? Within the first hour of having posted the video we were amazed at the number of reactions and enquiries. At the time of going to press, in other words about two weeks after we posted it, the video in which one Anthony uses every marketing trick in the book, we reached 132 949 people. 43 000 people watched the video and 1 013 people shared the video with someone.
I would think that’s very special. Especially in the times we live in where one scandal after the other get exposed on social media. Where murder and killing are so common place that it’s no longer news. In these times in which we live a Facebook posting by a newspaper in Lephalale of a man demonstrating an ironing board cover reached 132 949 people. Please read Tienie’s story about her ironing board cover on the back page.
After last week’s publication hit the shelves I received a call from a reader who swore at me from here to eternity. Between the swearing and screaming I tried to explain that I have a responsibility to the community. That calling someone who has just lost a loved one is probably one of the hardest things to do. I know this person was raw and sore and heartbroken, but there are two ways to handle a thing and to swear at someone is definitely not the right way.
And so, thank you to each reader who appreciates the work that goes into each week’s publication and for those who know what an important role the media plays. If not for the media who continue to scratch after the truth, many injustices would simply stay buried.

— Leoni

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