Letter from the editor – 3 June 2016

It was one of those rare occasions when I and my other half decided to tackle the road to town together on a Saturday morning. Our washing machine had decided to give up… but that is a story for another day.
I popped into one of the department stores in the Lephalale Mall thinking I would spoil him with a well-known brand of cologne.
To my great surprise I was told by the saleslady that they do not stock the brand that I am looking for, but that she can order it for me from the city. On asking her why Lephalale is still regarded as a step child she said that we are considered a rural community and that certain brands don’t sell here. A rural community – really?
This town is good enough to accommodate people from all over the world but we are limited because we are a rural community. I wonder who did that research?
That brings me to the development of phase two of the Mokolo Crocodile Water Augmentation Project. The land owners and environmentalists were understandably upset during the public meeting held last Thursday because there will probably be nothing left of this beautiful bushveld. And yes, those who have lived here for years and own land that is under threat now need to weigh up if it will be worth hanging on to their land. I left the meeting with mixed feelings.
I understand. Development is taking over. The town is busting at the seams with strangers. But still. It’s progress. It offers so many opportunities for local unemployed people. It may offer opportunities for our children – and their children. But everything comes with a price. And this is an expensive price.
Perhaps after a few years Lephalale will be regarded as a fully-fledged town mature needs and not a “rural community”.
29 May to 5 June is children’s protection week.  That makes it even more tragic that over the past few days four children have died in our area. Three were apparently murdered and the fourth did not survive a terrible illness. Things we do not understand.
— Leoni

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