Letter from the Editor — 4 Aug 2017

I raced back from Potch last Thursday morning after having watched my youngest’s musical performance the previous evening. I saw him for precisely 10 minutes after driving for 5 hours to watch a 20 minute performance.
Naturally I would not have missed it for the world despite only having spoken ten words to him in those ten minutes that I saw him. The performance was on Wednesday night from 20:00 and my eldest and I left the auditorium at around 23:00, climbed in the car and drove back to Pretoria for a quick sleep before I tackled the road back to Lephalale. And here I sit again knee deep in next week. Is it because one gets older that it feels like time is too short for everything that needs doing?
What I realised once again while compiling this weeks’ edition is that the old saying that you are never too old to learn, still rings true. I always question the correct Afrikaans word for “cluster”. For example, Lephalale SAPS cluster. The dictionary translates “cluster” with the word “tros”, but tros sounds too awful for me. Just as I decided to stick to the word cluster, colleague Elsa arrived with the new AWS and relieved me of my doubt. The Afrikaans word for cluster is kluster. How could it be anything else?
Time will also tell if AfriForum’s visit to the Lephalale Municipality will have long-term results. I had barely arrived in town on Thursday when the men from AfriForum arrived with their buckets. Ready to collect sewerage seeping from manholes or from where it seeps into the river.
I must say Jaco Grobbelaar from AfriForum deserves more than just clean water. It takes a real man with a strong constitution to stand so close to the stench of the sewerage and then to scoop it up. The idea was to take the mountain to Mohammed if Mohammed was not prepared to go to the mountain. (Figuratively speaking of course). Looks like the stench helped as at the time of going to press I noticed that the pump at Pump Station 23 is apparently repaired and the sewerage problem has come to an end. It is a step in the right direction, but the problem is far from resolved. Please read the article on our front page.
And may all the ladies have a wonderful day on Women’s Day this coming Wednesday
9 August. Do just that which makes you happy.

— Leoni

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