Letter from the Editor — 7 April 2017

I went to see WO Frans Mokoena at the police station on Tuesday morning and he asked me: “So what do you say about the dagga?” Indeed. What do I say about the dagga?
The Western Cape High Court made an earth shattering announcement on Friday that in future adults may grow and use dagga in the privacy of their own home. I just wondered who is going to determine how much can be grown for own use and how much will be grown for those who do not want to grow their own?
Someone close to my family has smoked dagga for many years. The effects of that on his family, marriage and work relationships have been and still are indescribable. Smoking dagga can change the way in which your brain functions. It can result in personality disorders. It can encourage aggression. It affects your short-term memory. The list is endless.
Yet I know there are people that can use it with positive results. Coincidentally, I was listening to the radio on my way home on Tuesday and a woman called in, anonymously of course, and claimed that dagga changed her life. She suffers from Endogene Depression and smokes a “lekker zol” on her way home from work every day. She bothers no one and her only problem is to not be seen when she buys it!
I just don’t fully understand why it should be smoked, one can see the medicinal value of it in various other forms.
Day after day I receive photographs and information of people that are arrested for the possession, growth and sale of dagga. Where will the line be drawn and who is going to draw that line? Dagga might be perceived as a “soft” drug, but it also opens doors to the use of hard drugs.
I am still not sure what I think of the court ruling, but until the ruling is approved by the Constitutional Court and referred to the National Assembly, the use and growth of dagga remains illegal according to SA law.
Perhaps one day soon you will be able to get high in your own home. And then?
— Leoni

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