Letter from the Editor — 7 July 2017

Louis Campbell’s farewell last Wednesday evening left me with mixed emotions. Emotions which I thought were something of the past. But it made me realise all over again that time is passing. That people are older. That the precious time of having children in the house and at school has passed by without fully comprehending it.
We arrived in Ellisras exactly a year after Louis was appointed head master – so we knew nothing else. And as the saying goes the tallest trees catch the most wind – so we were sceptical about this English teacher who had become the headmaster.
And to top is all the headmaster of the children’s previous school in Pretoria was always as neat as a new pin. Hair perfectly combed, clean shaven, kitted out in the best brand names. Always smelt fine.
And then we got Louis.
The initial shock was huge (sorry Louis), but with time I got to know him as a rough diamond with a heart of gold and a passion for children. Sometimes discouraged, sometimes angry – like any other person. But if you really needed him, he was there. Like any mum with two boys I was down in the dumps on more than one occasion. And as all parents know it is not great if someone says something negative about your child. The easiest reaction is to then be angry at the school, at the headmaster and teachers. Louis in his calm manner gave me perspective on whatever the incident was.
My children spent their most important growing up years as learners at Ellisras High School. My one child flourished while the other pushed all the boundaries. We had wonderful times at Ellisras High School but we also had some not such great times. Times of heartache. Life sometimes deals you a bad card.
But one thing I am certain of, for better or worse, Ellisras High School kept me humble. And Louis Campbell was part of that. Thank you, Louis, for the part you played in shaping my children.
I would like to share a quote from CJ Langenhoven for those staying behind at the school who must continue with the training and education of the children: “To break down is not an art. A small baby can destroy a flower that took a God to make”.
Enjoy the special page dedicated to Louis Campbell in the Mogol Post and thank you to the sponsors.
Our Bushveld Festival supplement with the festival’s programme on the front cover is an insert in the paper and it also serves as a general information guide for the upcoming three-day festival.
— Leoni

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