Letter from the Editor — 8 September 2017

I read a review on a book about “cheaters”. People that get away with their crooked tricks for years – some bigger than others. And in most cases, it is the media who expose the crook and his ways.
One good example of someone who got away with his crooked ways for years is Gervan Lubbe. I can still remember it very clearly.
He invented and marketed a pain relief machine and eventually became very rich out of the sales from this apparatus which apparently was never tested scientifically.
Before his formidable invention he was a Telkom technician, but after it he had the whole of SA and the USA abuzz with his “medical invention”.
After having sold his business (nobody yet thought it was a load of rubbish) he apparently developed a watch that could identify if someone had malaria. An investigative journalist from Die Burger, Elsabe Brits, eventually exposed the whole story after smelling a rat.
I remember that every physiotherapist (and many doctors) purchased that expensive machine. And actually it was just a gimmick.
A community newspaper has a bigger responsibility to convey the truth and to expose tricksters because it is a defined community that gets affected by it. And people get more innovative by the day – crooks too!
Crooks that want to sell “vacant posts” to desperate jobless people are a sign of the times. With the thousands of posts made available over the last few years with the building of Medupi the possibilities of making money are endless. And they still get it right despite warnings in the media and from the companies involved.
And at last the Municipality has admitted that raw sewerage gets pumped into the Mogol River. Unbelievable. No warnings for the public. No solutions. But at least an admission.
Our town is in a terrible state. On the front page we have a few examples of what’s really happening. It is a clear sign of degeneration. Tragic.
The weeks fly by so quickly that it is difficult to stay abreast of things. I realised with a shock that the annual CANSA Relay for Life takes place this coming weekend. I really hope that these people who do such great work, get well supported.
Hopefully Mogol Post will shortly have more information regarding a big scam in Lephalale that is being investigated in depth.
As the saying goes: “One sheep with mange affects the whole herd – one bad apple can mean the downfall of a whole community”. And that is the reason why we dig and expose the guts. For our readers.
— Leoni

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