Letter from the Editor — 9 June 2017

I actually don’t want to mention it, but here we go again with sewerage running everywhere in town, making the whole town stink. I don’t know what to say to people any longer who, out of desperation, come to our offices.
How much more can be said and written about the sewerage problem in Lephalale and surrounding areas? And yet I still see people playing in the water of the Mogol River over weekends. What part of the water is contaminated with raw sewerage do they not understand?
5 June was World Environmental Day …
with a destroyed environment around us.
The week of 27th May to 3rd June was National Child Protection week, but in the same week Mogol Post’s attention was focused on the unbelievable increase in sexual abuse of children in our area. There is apparently a whole bunch of people that take photographs and make videos of this and show it to their friends and colleagues. These upsetting allegations are currently being investigated.
The upsetting information about the increase of children who are hooked on Nyaope makes one shudder. Read Ratlou Mabula’s insightful report on the front page and be mindful that Nyaope is a real part of many young people’s lives today.
Please also read the good news that Medupi’s unit 4 is now synchronised to the national grid. But by now that is already old news. It leaves me speechless that this type of good news is first shared with national media before the local media are informed. Like an afterthought….
Yes, there are endless things that we can be negative about, but as they say in the classics: “Your attitude determines your altitude.”
Swami Vivekananda, an important figure in the introduction of the Indian philosophy of Vedanta and Yoga in the Western world said: “When you think of adversity, you get it. Brood over death and you hasten your own death.
Think positively and excellently with trust and faith and life becomes more protected, full of action, richer in achievement and experience.”
A good friend said something to me the other day that is so true – if you start falling into self-pity and negativity – do something good for someone else.
— Leoni

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