Message from the CPF chairperson

Good day to all who reside in the Lephalale municipal area.

Thys Eloff, CPF chairperson

When I was asked in my capacity as chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) to put something together for the Mogol Post related to safety and security at the end of the year, I thought it was an easy one.

However, the more I thought about it the more I realized it is a very complex situation and not that easy to define. Firstly, our declining economy and the fact that it impacts directly on our employment figures is a very harsh reality, this obviously has potential to increase crime levels and socio tensions at all levels. What is needed is a complete change of attitudes by all. Please allow me to explain.

As residents we need to understand and appreciate the following. Government is put there by the people, for the people in other words they are Civil Servants. However, they cannot be servants to people who is not civil or acting in a civil manner. The next thing is that Government on all levels do not own money, they are supposed to administer the funds created by taxation to the best advantage of the residents in their respective levels whether it is National, Provincial or Municipal. Remember they are elected by us.

All these things have more to do with safety and security than you would imagine. Civil strife or unrest and the very, very costly destruction that accompanied it is currently one of the biggest challenges our country and region is facing and our security structures are battling to cope with it as it is our own people that we must act against. The stark reality is that we as a country do not have the ability to replace something once it is destroyed. If we do manage to replace it, let it be known that somewhere some community is losing out. To destroy a clinic because we complain about a road is so counterproductive and will bear very little or no positive fruit at all especially in the long run, this is not difficult to understand, especially if your six months old baby gets very sick and the clinic was burned down and the nearest hospital is 80 kilometres away.

In the same manner we expect the SAPS and Supporting Safety and Security Structures to be in tip top performing condition but we as citizens are working against the very same structure that we defy, abuse and directly disobey or even try to undermine by harbouring criminals, being part of criminal activities or simply turning a blind eye.

That the current situation with our policing structure nationwide needs to be assessed, reorganized and re-motivated is true and at our Cluster and Station levels there is also room for improvement. But we will laugh when drunk and disorderly drivers are racing and creating havoc … until someone is killed.

If our SAPS is not performing, if they are part of illegal activities there is a structure and a way to report this, backed up by FACTS, not rumours.

Let me get back to the change of attitude: We all need to do serious self analysis and ask ourselves the following.

  1. Is it legal?
  2. Is what I am doing the right thing?
  3. Will it affect somebody else in a negative manner?
  4. Is it conducive to my family, neighbourhood, area or town?
  5. Am I polite and well-mannered with respect to fellow residents of all races?
  6. Do I understand that we may disagree, it is the manner we resolve it that will make the real differences?
  7. Is it true? We have so many Twitter warriors spewing lies about racism and war … People who have no idea what a terrible thing a war is.

If we as residents, yes, all residents, can just ask ourselves these questions before we act, talk or spread more rumours. If we can lift our heads and be proud of our town, our community and all its people.

If we can ask. What can I do for my community, my people and my country, imagine what a place it could be?

My prayer for all is to have a safe and blessed Christmas Holliday in the spirit of Christ.

Be part of the positive change we all so desperately want.

Be Proudly South African.

God Bless South Africa.

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