Redakteursbrief – 26 Feb 2016

I remember as students deciding one weekend to go and explore the wild and exciting Hillbrow. Bold and daring – in my Volksie that at that stage used more oil than petrol. But we were not afraid – we were young and the whole world lay ahead of us. We did it despite the fact that we were poor students, the vehicle was actually a risk, it was actually dangerous (even then) for four young girls to explore Hillbrow alone and that we were completely unfamiliar with the environment. We did it despite of. Not as a result of.
We were astounded by the shop Fontana that was open all through the night. We each sat in the middle of Hillbrow, at midnight, with a chicken (bought from Fontana) in our lap. No one even looked up – what an experience! Luckily we bumped into an old school colleague who had since school enrolled with the police. He took us on a trip through the city that night that I will never forget. At one stage shots were fired in a club where someone was trying to peddle drugs. We were in ecstasy and rattled around behind him until the sun came up. After that it was back to Potch to sleep off our excursion.
What made me think about this was the woman in Lephalale that had an alarming experience on Saturday night. Her vehicle was forced off the road and she was pelted with stones. In Lephalale. Ellisras.
Today it is difficult to do things in spite of. People mostly do things as a result of. As a result of the news. As a result of predictions. As a result of fear.
Which brings me to the border meeting held last Friday in Lephalale. The army informed land owners along the border of safety operations that will be carried out from the end of March. Most of the farmers reacted negatively to it. Perhaps as a result of fear? Fear that it will only bring MORE trouble.
A soul mate with an international qualification in brain development visited us this last weekend and made me realise again just what a wonderful thing the human brain is. She also helped me to remember that one should live in spite of. Not as a result of. In spite of the heat, the crime, the fear, the traffic situation, the negativity.
I am going to try it.
— Leoni

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