Redakteursbrief 29 Jan 2016

The police really came under fire this last week. People visited me to tell me stories of how useless they are; how lax they are when it comes to making arrests. The community are angry as they feel the police officials have an attitude and do not want to assist them in Afrikaans. In short – they are not doing their work.
 I know we all get angry. Crime is wrong and we all feel the effects of it.  
 That aside, we depend on the police to keep law and order. I know. The biggest problem is that there are simply not enough of them, but the problem gets aggravated by people who do not report cases and by officials who do not correctly capture reported cases.
 Some people say the police are what  they are today because they are no longer driven by a passion for the work they do. It’s just a job. And you earn a salary. That may be so – but do you, for one minute, want to be in shoes of one of those men or woman?
 Do you want to listen to people’s complaints day after day? Or to watch a man break down in tears as his wife is arrested for fraud? Do you want to walk into those overcrowded smelly cells every day? Everything has a price to be paid.
 I am not condoning corruption or supporting bad attitudes. I am saying there are a lot of the police officials who do their work well and with pride but also suffer as a result of those who don’t do their job. There are those who walk that extra mile.
 Don’t generalise. Show the police that you appreciate them.
— Leoni

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