2 new sewage pumps — at last!

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — The two sewage pumps in Pump Station 23 opposite Palm Park Hotel were last week replaced by new, efficient pumps with the right size, measurements and capacity.
According to Chris Booysen, co-owner of Palm Park and one of the role players who assisted the Lephalale Local Municipality in finding a solution for the ongoing problem, the installation of the new pumps is such a relief and they are very grateful to the LLM.
Booysen also says the community should know that there will be growing pains in future that will have to be sorted out, but the main focus should be on the positive improvement.
He agrees that the pumps are the correct size and he expresses his hope that there will be fewer sewage problems in future.
But what about the smell? Will the installation of two new pumps see an end to the terrible smell that hangs around town? Booysen recons the smell is going to stay until the first rains.
May this improvement be one of many to come.

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