27 years for rape, attempted rape

MARAPONG — The 39-year-old Mr X*, who was arrested in April 2017 after being accused of raping three minors, has been sentenced to 27 years imprisonment by Lephalale Regional Court.

The harrowing details of the case date back to 2015, when Mr X reportedly started to sexually molest the two minors he lived with in the house, aged below 12 years old then.

Reports suggest that one is his biological and the other his step daughter.

The third victim was the 10-year-old niece of Mr X’s stay-in partner, who died earlier this year.

The 10-year-old niece had visited them over the Easter weekend of 2017, when Mr X attempted to force himself on her. By that time the two in-house daughters were reported to have said that every time their mother left them home, the suspect would sexually molest them.

This continued until 14 April 2017 when he attempted to force himself on the niece, who later told her mother. This prompted the other two young girls to break their silence before they were taken to the doctor, who confirmed penetration.

The police report on the incident says: “On the night the victim left to sleep in one of the bedrooms and whilst sleeping she was awoken by something climbing over her body and upon waking up, she noticed the perpetrator in her bed. He was forcing his manhood to penetrate her and further told her she won’t be hurt and should take the other two minors who were her same age as an example because they were used to the penetration and were no longer complaining about it.

At that stage a person on his way to the shop disturbed them and that’s when the minor managed to flee.

The next day she reported the incident to her aunt and further told her about what her own daughters have been going through at the hands of the perpetrator. The two minors were interviewed and they shared the information relating to a series of ordeals which had started two years ago.”

Mr X was charged on three counts of rape and was found guilty on one count on which he was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment and one count of attempted rape on which he was sentenced to five years imprisonment. The sentences run concurrently.

*name withheld due to minors involved

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