7 months later — Flora’s body still not buried

MOTLHASEDI — In one of the most gruesome incidents in Lephalale last year, the 29 year old Flora Moatshe was last seen alive in the early hours of 30 April in the company of her ex-boyfriend, who according to witnesses stabbed Flora before disappearing with her.
Steve Mfisa (31), also known as “Zulu” by locals in Seleka, still remains behind bars and is accused of initially doing gross bodily harm on Flora when she was alive.
On the fateful Sunday morning he is said to have allegedly stabbed her repeatedly with a knife before forcing her to leave with him.
He gave the two young men in Flora’s company a blood stained knife he stabbed her with as guarantee that he would do no harm to her.
On 7 June 2017, 38 days after her disappearance, Mfisa, who was interrogated by members of the Heritage Protection Group (HPG) and the Lephalale Trio Task team, eventually pointed out the shallow grave near the Palala River in Motlhasedi village 60 km north of Lephalale. Flora’s body was in the grave in an advanced stage of decomposition.
Mfisa confessed to police that he strangled and buried her on the river banks, the shallow gravesite that she was buried in is a stone’s throw away from the R572 to Tom Burke
Police Station.
The entrance to the area is lush and very intimidating even during the day.
Initially Mfisa faced assault GBH charges on 15 May before the case was postponed and the charges changed to kidnapping.
His first court appearance was on 13 June and the case has been postponed to allow forensic investigation to take place. He will appear in court again on 24 January 2018.
What has since happened to Flora’s body?
Flora’s body has not been buried yet and police say the reason behind that is forensic investigation that continues.
Family Spokesperson Dipuo Moatshe says they have been waiting for so long and the family feels drained by this process.
“Every time we need update we have to call to ask what is going on and we get the same answer. We have been told about the first two DNA tests coming out negative last year and ever since we have not been told anything,” she said.
In addition she appeals to police to keep them up to date with developments in the forensic matters of the case.
She says in one of the court appearances the accused’s legal representative argued that whoever was in charge of DNA tests was not doing his/her job properly and that derailed the processes of the court case.
“As the family we are very bothered by this and we are running out of options as we just want to go past the burial chapter of our loved one.”
Lephalale SAPS spokesperson Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena acknowledges that the first and second DNA tests did come back negative and police sent the third one, for which they still await the results.

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