A “lit” situation

MARAPONG — Two shacks in Marapong X4, next to Ditheku Primary School, caught fire on Monday morning 6 August around 10:00. It was reported that the fire was caused by one of the residents allegedly leaving a paraffin stove lit while the two neighbours went job hunting.

Ward 2 Municipal Councillor, William Motlokoa, assisted community members to put out the fire. He said that even though they managed to extinguish the fire there was nothing more they could have done to save content inside the two shacks. “By the time passers-by noticed the blazing flames through the roofs it was already too late to save anything and it was more important to extinguish the fire to prevent more damage,” Motlokwa said.

When asked about water, safety and the rapidly growing challenges of the informal settlements at Marapong, Motlokwa said they have a big challenge to supply water to the residents in the informal settlements, as there is insufficient water in the tanks.

“As the community, we’ve agreed to contribute to help the affected and it must be clear that this is not from the Municipality, it’s just from us as the concerned residents,” said Motlokoa. He concluded by saying that as a concerned community member he can’t promise or intervene further as the landlord and tenants agreed on compensation, but as a ward counsellor he will report the matter at the municipality as the informal settlement is currently placed under township development and maybe the process can be speeded up.

No case was opened nor was any incident report recorded and neither the police nor the fire brigade attended the scene.

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