Advertising deception

Adverts like these have defaced our town for the past three years
Adverts like these have defaced our town for the past three years

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE – Advertising stickers that promise everything from a better love life to larger private parts amongst a string of other promises are to be seen on every rubbish bin, road sign, on walls and tucked under windscreen wipers.
Apart from the fact that it is illegal to stick your advert everywhere that which is being advertised is illegal too. This trend has been a big problem for the past three years – it defaces the town and is unsuitable for children’s viewing.
According to Thys Eloff, chairman of the community policing forum (CPF) one of these doctors that uses this medium to advertise his services was arrested and interrogated by the police and the list of “abortions” done by him was horrifying. He did “abortions” at a cost of R250 per patient. These “abortions” were done by issuing a packet of pills to the patients that would supposedly cause the foetus to abort. These pills were given to a couple of pharmacists and were identified as nothing other than general sinus medication. The patients were thus deceived.
“I am not talking about traditional healers or registered doctors but about people that come from neighbouring countries and pretend to be some kind of healer, deceiving people and taking their money” said Eloff.
The community is urged not to support these adverts and malpractices.

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