Agter maskers

The masks that everyone is wearing these days have become more than just a necessity. For some it is a fashion item and for some a major irritant. This is what our readers have to say:

Jemias Mashingaidze says he bought his mask from a vendor in Marapong. He has three masks which he washes and irons regularly. “These masks are so difficult to wear the whole day because sometimes I struggle to breathe. Most of the time the nose is piping out,” he says.

Inge Duvenhage is a little glitter who outshines COVID-19. Her mother, Venette, says: “if a little bling helps to motivate a 6-year-old to wear a mask, let’s do it!”

Matsom Naswangansi says she has about 12 washable masks and a box of surgical masks. “What I don’t like is the headaches I get after wearing the mask for some time. When I must go out, I make sure I get everything done fast,” she says.

Yolandi Gouws and her family’s masks are all handmade at a local business to each family member’s specification. “Wearing face masks are the new normal,” she says.

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