Aim high

Mr Maboga – Principal of Lephalale Primary

LEPHALALE — Aim high is the slogan of Lephalale Primary School, located in Onverwacht, and that’s exactly what they do. This school started with a modest 145 learners in 2012. On Monday 22 January 2018, 1 037 learners were already enrolled for the year while some parents were still registering their children. There are currently about 40 pupils per class.
Lephalale Primary has distinguished itself in recent years as a school of excellence. Petrus Maboga, principal, says that it remains the school’s vision to teach pupils effectively and that staff are prepared for the big challenges that they will be facing this year. He says that if the challenge to accommodate all the learners becomes too difficult, the department will provide assistance. He assures parents that their children are in good hands, but also asks kindly that in the future they must register their children in time so that the academy can proceed smoothly.
Mr Maboga is also pleased with the results of 2017 and says that the vast majority of the learners performed very well and that learners who may not have performed so well will be assisted.
“Regardless of the fact that more learners need to be accommodated, I am very proud of the quality of discipline maintained by learners.”
And his message to the learners: “Aim high, listen carefully, do your work and be assured of a successful outcome”.

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