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Tommy Muszynski
LEPHALALE — It’s not often that you see a Ukrainian licence plate on a motorcycle in Lephalale. Anna Grechishkina (37) is currently undertaking a female solo ride around the world on her KTM 1190 motorcycle (that she named “Little guy”) with one of her recent stops being in Lephalale.
The most frequent question she receives is “why?” with the answer being simple, because she wants to.
As a child Anna always enjoyed travelling – be it by train or by car and after a few long trips to India and the Middle-East Anna conjured up the dream to go around the world while visiting as many countries and places as possible. The planning phase took her over a year to acquire the required sponsorships and to the relevant preparations.
Anna started her South-African leg (it is the 25th country she explores) of the journey with a long wait for her motorbike to be shipped from Brazil to Johannesburg. As soon as the bike arrived and she was ready to go she had her first accident of the journey when a car collided with her from behind. Luckily the damage was minimal and the motorbike could be repaired over the weekend. Her first stop was in Lephalale, with the next being in Louis Trichardt.
During her journey Anna enjoys to visit schools and orphanages to meet with the children and encourage them to do what they love. “Follow your dream; don’t be scared to take the first step”.
She started her solo trip on 27 July 2013 and originally the trip was intended to last about two years, but currently Anna is at just over three years and three months due to various unforeseen problems. She estimates her tour of Africa will take at least another year. She intends to follow this up by going through the Middle East and back to see every country in Europe.
While travelling through Columbia, Anna came to the conclusion that she was more than halfway to breaking the current Guinness record for longest female solo motorbike ride. She hopes to better the record, but at the moment she is worried about fatigue that is starting to increase (up till now she already travelled a total of 102 000 km on her “Little guy”). And now Africa awaits which will probably be one of the harder parts of her journey. She spent three weeks in the palace of the princess of Thailand once, but she knows it is not going to be the case in Africa…
The part of her trips that she enjoys the most is to meet new people and make new friends and the most difficult part is to say goodbye.
If you would like to support Anna or to follow her journey, her website is

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