Another lion slaughtered

ALLDAYS — Police arrested a 31 year old suspect on Wednesday 1 February in connection with the killing of a white lion and the attempted killing of two other lions at Ingogo Safaris Game Lodge in the Alldays area. All four paws and the head were recovered.
The dead lion was discovered on Tuesday morning, its head and paws removed. The suspects appear to have been disturbed as they also attempted to remove the skin but failed.
The suspects apparently threw poisoned chicken meat into the enclosure. All three lions that were in the cage ate the meat. The other two lions were only incapacitated due to the effect of the poison but the white one unfortunately died.
A veterinarian was called to the scene to treat the surviving animals. They could not walk and the one was even vomiting.
The other two suspects managed to evade arrest, but more arrests are expected. Police investigations are continuing.
Anyone with information is requested to contact the nearest police station.
The arrested suspect will appear in court soon.

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