Are you ignorant?

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE – There is still a huge problem with house breaking, theft and burglary in town said Thys Eloff, chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) at the monthly meeting on Thursday 20 April.
He said that the community has repeatedly been asked to lock gates and to install burglar bars, but is seems that some people are still ignorant about safety.
“A large group of people are still very negligent when it comes to their own safety and security. We still get to do with basic issues like doors that were not closed, the absence of security doors, no burglar bars. You are going to be a target” Eloff said.
He said that the SAPS doesn’t have the means to look after every community member, but together with the traffic department, security companies and CPF, they can make a difference, but only if every resident takes the responsibility to look after him/herself.
Eloff also emphasized the general lawlessness in town like drinking in public and urinating in public.
Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena from Lephalale SAPS confirmed on Monday 24 April that five cases of burglary and theft were opened during the weekend. All the incidents occurred in Onverwacht.
In all five cases all the doors were locked, but valuable items like laptops and cell phones were within a reachable distance from an open window. He urges the community not to place any valuable items near any window, to close windows during the night and to lock all gates.

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